ISRS Members

The India Steam Railway Society is a non-profit organisation formed on 23rd October, 1999, by railway enthusiasts committed to the presentation of steam and other railway heritage.

ISRS Members

Mr. Ashwini Lohani Working President
Sir Mark Tully Vice President
Mr. R S Virdi President
Mr. G. Shankar Secretary
Mr. Dileep Prakash Joint Secretary
Mr. P. J. Singh Treasurer
Mr. Abhimanyu Shaunik Member
Mr. Ravindra Gupta Member
Mr. Arun Mohan Member
Mr. J. L. Singh Editor
Director NRM Patron

Membership Fees

Title Duration Fees
Membership for persons residing in India 10 Years Rs. 5000.00
Membership for persons residing outside India 10 Years $ 100.00
Instituinal Membership (Indian Organizations) 10 Years Rs. 50,000.00
Instituinal Membership (Non-Indian Organizations) 10 Years $ 1,000.00

For details please contact

Phone: 011-29242474

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