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These unique 40 ton 0-3-0 locomotives were manufactured by M/s Orenstien and Koppel of Berlin in 1907 for about £500 – £600 each. A total of four locomotives were imported into India. The wheel arrangement of these locomotives was 0-3-0. The middle flange less wheel was of 50 centimetres (1 ft 8 in) diameter. Other two wheels were double flanged having groove depth of 2.15 centimetres (0.85 in). The locomotive had a wheelbase of 119 centimetres (3 ft 11 in). The main load (almost 95%) is borne by the single rail while the rest is borne by the balancing wheel (39” Dia) which runs on the ground. Further, in normal train systems, the rails have to be at almost exact level of other rail, failing which the train may go off the tracks. By using Ewing system, this problem is solved as the balancing wheel does not need exact level to maintain the balance of monorail. In addition the cost of laying tracks also goes down considerably since only one rail is used. Another benefit of using Ewing System was that the balancing wheel could run on existing tarred roads thus further reducing cost to lay down tracks.

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