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‘Ramgotty’ is named after Ramgotty Mukherjee, who was the last GM of the Nalhati-Azimgunj Light Railway in West Bengal, was built in 1862 by Anjubault of Paris, and operated on an unusual 4’0″ rail gauge. The line was taken over by the EIR in 1892 and re-gauged to Broad-gauge (5’6”). Ramgotty too was consequently re-gauged to broad-gauge, and became a shunting engine at the Jamalpur Workshop, till this 20 ton 0-4-0 side tank locomotive was sold in 1951 to the Calcutta Corporation Municipal Railways, for refuse train workings. The engine was consigned to the scrap heap in her centenary year, but happily, in 1974, was rescued, and returned to Jamalpur, before being retired to the National Rail Museum. The second oldest exhibit in the museum, Ramgotty is the only exhibit to have undergone a gauge change, and is the only locomotive in India fitted with outside Gooch link motion valve gear. It also had unusual small sleek safety valves.

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