Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Indian Steam Railway Society held on 22nd September 2019 at the National Rail Museum New Delhi.

  1. The President welcomed all the Members present to the Annual General Meeting of the Society. The attendance of Members was duly recorded in a separate register. The President informed Members present of the inability of the Founder Member and Working President Sh. Ashwani Lohani to attend due to some inescapable commitment that came up at the last moment. He specially thanked Sh. Rajesh Agrawal, the Chief Patron of the Society and Member (RS) Railway Board for having found time to be with us for the meeting.

In the discussion that followed Sh. S.K. Suri suggested that Indian Railways should consider taking up manufacture of new steam locomotives. The Secretary Sh. Shankar mentioned that Golden Rock Workshop on SR does on occasion manufacture new locos for the NMR. Sh. Suri suggested that manufacture of new steam locos should be included in the RSP and made into a regular activity. He suggested that at least two new steam locos be built per year (for all gauges incl BG) at any one of its Workshops like say Golden Rock, so as to keep the skill, technology and capability alive. The House was in general agreement with the suggestion and agreed to forward the recommendation to IR Board for their consideration.

The President mentioned the need for opening of regional Chapters of the Society, as well as initiating a drive for attracting new young members to join the Society. He also mentioned that the growth and popularity of the Society depended largely on IR introducing several well publicised new steam services in and around metropolis regions. The basic requirement for such an initiative is the availability of adequate number of steam locos in good fettle.

Shri Amit Chopra pointed out the necessity of having regular interesting activities to attract young and new members to the Society. He also wanted that the regular winter steam runs be notified well in advance and booking of tickets to be made easy. Shri Amit Chopra’s suggestions were noted.

Shri Amit Gupta Sr.DME SSB NR mentioned that there would be regular steam runs from Delhi Cantt to Alwar on 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the Winter months starting from October 2019 till March 2020. While the run on 2nd Saturday would take place regularly, the run on the 4th Saturday would depend on seat booking being more than 50%.

Sri Amit Gupta gave the good news that boiler of the 1862 built RAMGOTTY steam locomotive (BG) had been attended and the loco steamed up and even moved. He showed videos of the same for the knowledge of the Members. The loco is expected to be ready and available for display in the forthcoming Steam Congress.

It was also indicated that action for getting facilities in place for complete overhaul of Steam Locos at the Rewari Steam Centre was in hand.

Sh. Shubhabrata Chattopadadhyay pointed out some additional milestones achieved during the year, for example, the revival of ‘Miss Muffet’ by Jamalpur Workshop, and the ongoing revival of ‘Ramgotty’ locomotive by NR, and the operational 1:8 model at CLW. This was acknowledged and President assured they would be added to the Annual report to be presented to the upcoming 17th National Congress.

                The Annual Report was duly accepted after that.

The audited account was duly passed by the House.

The Chief Patron suggested that the Society builds a corpus as a foundation so that the normal annual expenditure of the Society can be met with from the interest thereon.

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