Dear Members,

At the outset let me apologise profoundly for the delay in preparing and submitting

the Minutes of Meeting of the Scheduled Meeting/AGM of the Society held on

26th November 2023 owing to some personal preoccupations.

The Minutes of this important Meeting are submitted here fo information of Members.


The Meeting was attended by


1.Mark Tully

2.A Lohani

3.JL Singh

4.Ishwar Singh

5.Vikas Arya

6.Mani Shaunik

7.Sandeep Sharma

8.Vikas Singh

9.Shubho Chattopadhya

10.G Shankar

1.The Meeting began at the scheduled time with all members acknowledging the presence of Shri Mark Tully

who had made it a point to attend this Meeting despite his recovering from illness and profusely thanking him

for the same.

2It was the unanimous desire of the Members present that Shri Mark Tully should Chair the Meeting.

3.With Shri Mark tully in the Chair the Meeting took up the Agenda items.

4.Shri Ishwar Singh presented the Accounts of the Socety for 2022-23. After hearing the details from him whcih

showed the Society to have the funds for the present level of activity, the discussion turned to methods to improve the

financial position so that the Society could take more activities.

  1. Shri Suri had a number of suggestions in this regard incl

a) Getting senior Mechanical officers including CME’s in a drive to get more serving officers to become Members

b)Getting more Institutional Members.

There was a lively discussion on this issue with Shri Suri mentioning that he got to know that CME/NR was not

aware of the Meeting.

The Meeting then accepted then accepted the Accounts and requested the Treasurer to get the accounts Audited.

5. Secetary then mentioned that during the year WG10257 had been rehabilitated and had been Steamed and operationalised

This is a LANDMARK action that no WG class locomotive has been preserved in working order despite this class being

one that were produced in the largest number.possibly in the world. This locomotive was also the backbone,along with the BOX wagons for the doubling of originating freight between 195051 and 1960-61 and continuing excellent service in both freight and passenger service in the next three decades. Details of this remarkable action which arose from our then President Shri LK Sinha’s actons in getting the loco from ZTS/Bhusawal. Shri Vikas Arya explained the actions needed for this restoration.

6.Some of the other achievements at Rewari were also discussed including gatting the Riga Sugar Mills loc working, getting a

steam crane in junked condition at Shakurasti moved to Rewari for restoration.

7.Shri Suri wanted to know when the next STEAM RUN would take place.

8.Shri Vikas Arya then expained the difficulties in getting permission to have steam runs on Rewari section as this area has become operationally heavy. He explained the follow action being taken in this regard

Shri Arya also made the following point;

a)WP 700O is ready and availble for steam runs

b)WP 7200 Iis at Charbagh Worksop

c)POH of steam locomotives has been brought to Rewari to enable this to be done in timely fashion and more importantly

avoid excessive costs.

d)Next locomotive to be restores at Rewari is the XE.

9.The Meeting then discussed regarding activities needed to revitaise the Society. While many options wer discussed the really

important outcome was

9.1A strong request to Shri A Lohani to take over as President.The Members were grateful that Shri Lohani could be persuaded to take this charge again.

9.2The Members were also keen that Shri Vikas Arya become the Working President, which he was persuaded in the interest of the Society.

  1. The Meeting then decided that to restart the activity of the Society, to have a Steam Conference on 24th February 2024.

The theme decided with the aim to ensure success in view of the limited time etc


11.The Meeting ended with heartfelt thanks to the Chair Shri Mark Tully.

The above Minutes are a brief record of the Scheduled Meeting/AGM and Members may please note.

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